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Warframe Sacrifice launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Published: 09:15, 07 July 2018
Digital Extremes
One of the exosuits from The Sacrifice quest in Warframe

Digital Extremes have rolled out Warframe's third cinematic quest dubbed The Sacrifice on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If the expansion does half as well on consoles as it did on PC, the developer will remember 2018 almost as fondly as 2013.

Digital Extremes went great lengths to keep Warframe dev streams free of spoilers, suggesting they'll ban the heck out of anyone who does it, so we'll do the same and steer clear of storyline spoilers. I will say it's totally worth it though.

As you can see from the intentionally brief trailer, sinister visions set Tenno on a search for "a savage", blade wielding Warframe". And savage it is, granting some insane capabilities in synergy with Excaliburs.

It introduces five unique mods, three from the Umbral mod set and two from the Sacrificial set, all of which are exclusive to The Sacrifice and come maxed out right away. Umbral mods are for warframes, while the Sacrificial set handles melee weapons.

There are also Umbra flavoured armour sets, which go on all warframes, as well as Kubrow and Kavat armour sets to match. As a final touch, Warframe's operators have received Umbra themed cosmetics as well.

Speaking of cosmetics, The Sacrifice has more than you can shake your exalted blade at. Digital Extremes made sure that the visuals are properly overhauled as well, starting with the user interface and the game now offers customisable UI themes, updated inventory and vendor menus, sound effects, etc.

The dev threw in a treat for new and returning players alike in form of a promotional code OLDFRIEND, which grants you Orokin Tea Set Decoration and a three day affinity booster.

In their forum post, Digital Extremes thanked the fans for the ride and it's a pretty read, which goes to show that when passion for games and fanatically dedicated following meet - sky's the limit. Or TennoCon if you prefer, that will work too. 

Digital Extremes Warframe's latest warframe called the Umbra Warframe, Umbra

Warframe turned five years old in March 2018, although Digital Extremes are doing all in their power to keep it as relevant as the day it launched. The Sacrifice has managed to boost Warframe's concurrent players on Steam to 129.002, their highest ever, so it's obviously more than worth checking it out. 

Digital Extremes roll out four augment mods for Warframe

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Digital Extremes the developers of Warframe roll out four new augment mods for your warframes in Warframe. The four mods are Nidus, Harrow, Octavia and Ivara, these augment mods will focus specifically on boosting individual warframes.

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