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Vampyr's new gameplay shows powers gained from feeding on humans

Published: 14:32, 03 May 2018
DONTNOD Entertainment
Doctor Reid is sucking blood from some random stranger

Vampyr is due for release on 5 June 2018 and final marketing touches are being put into place. One of them is a gameplay trailer that shows Dr. Reid fighting as he becomes increasingly powerful by sucking more blood from human beings.

Vampyr's intent seems to tear players between Dr. Johnathan Reid's good intentions and his own survival. This new trailer first shows him trying to evade killing while being hunted by humans armed with pitchforks, torches and crucifixes. He then proceeds to do the next logical thing and murder a random woman instead of those who were hunting him.

This may be a decision behind the trailer's theme, since it's named Becoming a Monster, which showcases Dr. Reid's newfound powers as he drinks more and more blood. Focus Home Interactive and Dontnod Entertainment have described drinking blood from London's citizens as "the greatest source of XP to learn and enhance abilities". On the flip side, these are the same people Dr. Reid set out to save from the epidemic that's running rampant through the city.

Choosing who to kill will not be a simple dice roll, as players will have the option to become creepy vampire peeping Toms and investigate citizen's lives in order to decide "who is more deserving of sacrifice". If a player is feeling lazy, the option of just sucking off random strangers is still on the table though.

Not all citizens are equal, so killing certain "more important" figures will have greater impact on London's districts, while killing to many people in general might cause the entire district to collapse. 

Feeding on the flesh bags will allow Dr. Reid to learn and evolve his combat abilities, plenty of which are shown in the trailer. They range from slashing people with claws over teleportation-like jumps to Bloodspear, which is an ability to hit enemies from a distance. Dr. Reid's powers can grow enough to frighten even other vampires.

DONTNOD Entertainment Vampyr protagonist Jonathan E. Reid is walking in a building with blood on his shirt. Vampyr

Abyss and Rage seem to be the two talent trees Dr. Reid can invest in, with Abyss being the subtlety one and Rage focusing on combat and area damage. The only question seems to be how many blood bags players will drain and what it will take to eventually save London.

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