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Don't Fear the Reaper gets yet another cover for Vampyr's trailer purposes

Published: 13:59, 05 April 2018
DONTNOD Entertainment
Vampyr protagonist Jonathan E. Reid is walking in a building with blood on his shirt.

Dontnod Entertainment have released a story trailer for their upcoming blood-drinking game, Vampyr. It shows how the game's protagonist, Dr. Johnathan E. Reid, got infected by a vampire, upon returning to London after the first World War.

It seems like Dr. Johnathan E. Reid simply can't get enough of the receiving end as he was first a medic in a war that was estimated to have taken 37 million causalities, only to survive it long enough to get infected by a vampire as he returned home to London. To add salt to the wound, he will apparently be hunted by vampire hunters, along with the rest of the blood-sucking creatures that happen to inhabit the city. 

Dr. Reid is a surgeon who enlisted into the military in part to test his theories on blood transfusion and organ transplantation. The trailer shows his rude awakening, when he figures out he isn't the only one interested in other people's blood. He tries to find the meaning behind his transformation by asking the creature that infected him ''what are you''.

Dontnod Entertainment London in 1918 during spanish flu Vampyr - The general state and style of the world

As it turns out, there are whole secret societies of vampires in this universe and there are people who are aware of their existence, even though Dr. Reid seems to have been blissfully ignorant of them. These developments will serve to make Reid's attempts at eradicating Spanish Flu even more difficult as he is now beset by irrepressible thirst for blood.

To top Reid's woes off, the trailer also shows there is a large-scale vampire hunt coming, which puts him in an even worse position. The vampire that turned Reid refers to him as ''our champion'' which might put him on the front line of the impeding human-vampire war. One interesting moment of the trailer is when a female voice says that ''vampire'' is ''such a crude word'' and proceeds to call him ''Ekon''. At first I thought she called him ''Akon'' but Reid definitely doesn't look like a rapper vampire.

DONTNOD Entertainment Vampire is sucking some guy's blood in London after the first World War. Vampyr: Vampire Hunters? You mean blood bags?

Vampire will be coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 5 June 2018.

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