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Valve's new update pushes Panorama UI to live servers

Published: 08:52, 10 July 2018
Couple of pictures previewing CS:GO's Panorama UI update
CS:GO Panoramic View

Valve have finally pushed out the long awaited face lift for Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The new UI brings simplicity with loads of new features. Currently, the only way of activating is by adding -panorama to the launch options.

Valve have recently deployed their Panorama UI for CS:GO to live servers. The update refreshes the outdated interface both in menus and in-game. Users interested in giving it a go no longer have to do so through the beta version, but they will have to add "-panorama" to the game's launch options.

While in beta phase Panorama didn't go trough major changes but there have been some and fixes around the HUD, Watch menu, slight changes to the maps and some final touches to the loading screen.

Significant HUD changes include, money hud transparency which can now be changed via cl_hud_background_alpha just like health and ammo, fixing the chat line which did not scale with different resolutions and an addition of caster buttons on the scoreboard which now enables users to quick toggle.

While map changes were made to de_mirage which now has adjusted player collision on bench wall at site B. More changes were made to de_overpass which fixed various bomb-stuck spots, and to de_cache which now has an updated radar image. 

AltChar A preview of the in-game and menu changes of the new Panorama UI Panorama UI

The new UI seems to have seamless transition between in-game and menu which is a big change and a step in the right direction for CS:GO. In my stress test versus the Panorama UI, I wasn't confronted by any bugs or crashes. This doesn't explain why players are still forced to access the update via launch options.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Panorama UI overhaul

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Counter Strike: Global Offensive new menu
Valve releases a beta update which brings a fresh look to Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The new Panorama UI overhaul aims to be more minimalistic and user-friendly. The overhaul is still in beta which restricts users from playing online

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