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Valorant update nerfs rifle accuracy on the move

Published: 06:24, 03 February 2021
Valorant Winterwunderland skin - Vandal
Valorant Winterwunderland skin - Vandal

Valorant community didn't like how precise rifles were on the move and Riot Games obliged their feedback with the latest patch.

Rifles will be behaving like weapons for stationary agents much more often after Valorant's patch 2.02 . It has brought nerfs for the weapon type's accuracy across the board as long as players are moving while shooting them.

Running error across the entire archetype has been increased from 3.75 to 5.0. In plain words, it should be around 30 per cent more bloom and less accuracy when running with rifles compared to what it was like before 2.02. It should mean fewer headshots from people just running around a corner and one-shotting you with Vandal but it may be too early to say for certain.

Running accuracy isn't the only movement nerf though. Walking and crouch movement with rifles were also nerfed. Shooting while walking should also be roughly 30 per cent more inaccurate while error during crouch moving almost three times higher.

That said, crouch movement error was only 0.3 before and now it's 0.8. With the new changes, crouch moving with a rifle should make it roughly as accurate as it was while walking before the patch.


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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM

According to Riot, their intention was to mostly eliminate rifle accuracy while moving and shooting at long ranges but still possibly up close. Furthermore, they will be keeping an eye on the situation and the numbers might get tweaked in the future.


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