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Valorant reveals abilities of Chamber, the next Sentinel agent

Published: 00:11, 30 October 2021
Riot Games
Valorant - Chamber
Valorant - Chamber

Riot Games released a trailer for Chamber, the new Valorant agent, as well as a sneak peek into what he will play like, possibly worrying numerous fans.

Valorant is getting the new agent in patch 3.10, after the release was delayed, which is why he didn't pop up at the beginning of the Act. The reason he isn't already available is that Riot didn't feel his ability cues offered enough clarity for the opposing players but that wasn't an obstacle in showing Chamber's kit.

Trademark (C) places a trap that activates when a hostile walks into its range. It then counts down before creating a lingering field that slows players caught in it.

Headhunter (Q) gives Chamber a heavy pistol akin to the Sheriff. It has the ability to aim down sights when using alt-fire.

Rendezvous (E) places two teleport anchors. Chamber can activate a nearby anchor in order to teleport to the other one, giving himself an ability to flank enemies all by his lonesome. Anchors can also be picked up and redeployed.

Tour De Force (X) causes Chamber to whip out a sniper rifle that is highly reminiscent of the Operator. It can kill enemies in a single shot, even if it doesn't land on the head. This weapon also has a better scope than the Operator as it doesn't hide that much of the screen, giving Chamber even more of an advantage.

This ability set certainly makes Chamber look like an amazing character to save up money as a free Operator is a massive advantage for his team. On top of that, economy rounds are going to give him another major advantage since Headhunter has the potential to dominate without investing too much money.

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