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Valorant is will have WideJoy in a different capacity

Published: 00:32, 13 January 2022
Riot Games
Valorant - Killjoy
Valorant - Killjoy

Riot Games found themselves in rather funny quandary as they announced a fix to the bug that Valorant players started liking.

KillJoy can be really annoying at times and truly live up to her name due to the gadgets that can ruin your amazing play that left you with a sliver of health but she also brings joy in a different way. 

Namely, the player card featuring KillJoy got bugged recently and Valorant players found themselves getting killed by a particularly wide agent, at least on the picture. This issue spawned a wave of memes and players started expressing how much they actually like the visual glitch .

Riot Games also announced they would be fixing the problem soon but that only poured oil on the fire that contained the newfound love for the agent from all over the Valorant player base.

Their pleas didn't go unnoticed and the dev team lead for Valorant, Anna Donlon who is also known as RiotSuperCakes, pitched in to give the fans a glimmer of hope. She noted that the bug has to be fixed but the devs will work on bringing the now popular WideJoy back in some other way. 

Riot Games Valorant - Killjoy Valorant - Killjoy

Donlon didn't specify what form this new incarnation of WideJoy will take but it would be interesting to see her as both the player card and possibly a spray.

 Until then, you can always enjoy the fan art .

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