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V Rising update fixes duping glitch and more

Published: 14:38, 10 August 2022
Stunlock Studios
V Rising
V Rising

Stunlock Studios pushed out an update for V Rising, fixing a handful of issues and despite not being numerous, the fixes are pretty significant.

Duping in video games is generally a bad thing for the wider populace as it can ruin everyone's enjoyment by nuking the game's economy or making progression pointless.

As such, seeing fixes and patches focused on ending these issues is always a welcome sight, so when Stunlock Studios did exactly that with V Rising , many let out sounds of joy and relief.

Items could previously be duplicated by dismantling a servant's coffin, provided it had a servant that has previously died. This is the most basic and most common example of duping in video games and having items replicated in a fairly easy fashion is generally what ruins the experience in the long run.

However, V Rising had another form of duping as well. Retrieving items from a servant that died could provide stacked attributes, meaning you could get obscenely powerful if you did it enough times.

Both of these issues were resolved with Hotfix 10 which has also expelled the glitch with items that couldn't be equipped or unequipped. This problem occurred when items ended up in a state where they could no longer be repaired and as of the update, they will be entirely removed from the game.

Stunlock Studios V Rising V Rising

Players should now be able to equip something else in slots previously occupied by broken gear, allowing the progression to once again continue, without the ability to dupe anything.

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