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V Rising update fixes chat to be properly limited to characters

Published: 01:03, 01 July 2022
Stunlock Studios
V Rising
V Rising

Stunlock Studios pushed a new patch for V Rising, polishing and fixing numerous things in the process, including the chat that could get wonky at times.

V Rising could have surprised you with the text chat recently as it allowed for some unusual things to pop up there. This was happening because some users could bypass RichText protection in the chat but the weird occurrence should no longer be around as it was fixed in the June 30, 2022, patch.

Besides the RTF fix, there are a few other noteworthy things. Polish and Turkish localisations will be better now that all the characters should properly appear in chat while the Arabic localisation has returned.

On top of that, players will be able to use the servant mission system properly now as the missions will appear on the map. Getting a fallen angel killed while transformed into a pig by Matka hex spell will also no longer crash the game.

Gear score will no longer be shown in the Steam server list for those who are online and cloud support has been added so players can use the same saves on different computers but this is optional. Private games will now be hosted on Steam cloud by default.

Stunlock Studios V Rising V Rising


Finally, those who want to limit their FPS separately in-game and in menus will be able to do so with the new Graphics options but keep in mind that this will have no effect if V-Sync is on.

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