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V Rising offline mode is coming very soon

Published: 10:37, 19 May 2022
Stunlock Studios
V Rising
V Rising

Stunlock Studios revealed that the offline mode for V Rising is coming sooner rather than later, possibly surprising a few players on the way.

V Rising is advertised as a game that can be played online with others or solo in offline mode, which is a great thing to see in the day when devs and publishers are pushing for always-online requirements. However, being in Early Access, V Rising is not at its full capacity and this also meant that the offline mode was not present during the early launch.

This had the players worried for a while but the devs alleviated these fears over Discord, as was first spotted by PC Gamer .

"For those of you who can't play now because of this due to inconsistent internet connections or something along those lines, we apologize for the inconvenience this will cause. It's our estimation that offline play should be available some time in the next couple of days, but may be earlier" ~Stunlock Studios

This is pretty good news for those who might want to play the game while their internet is down or those who might be running it on the fly with Steam Deck.

Stunlock Studios V Rising V Rising

Given the game's immediate rise to popularity, finding people to play with is not a problem but since it's in their nature to immediately try griefing one another, it's no wonder many are asking for solo offline sessions.

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