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Ubisoft's xDefiant has extreme NDA but some official gameplay is available

Published: 17:22, 05 August 2021
Updated: 17:42, 05 August 2021
xDefiant characters posing
xDefiant characters posing

Ubisoft made some interesting demands from those who are testing xDefiant early but if you're craving for some gameplay footage, you are still in luck.

NDAs typically serve as a deterrent from releasing sensitive information prematurely but given the situation, each party can take their side to an extreme measure. 

This appears to be the case with Ubisoft, who are trying to prevent xDefiant info leaks and their measures are going pretty far in the NDA checklist. For example, the testers have to agree no family member or anyone else will be present in the room while they are playing but just to make sure someone wouldn't spy on their xDefiant session, Ubisoft also asked the players to  draw curtains in the room .

It sounds like a rather weird request, especially because Ubisoft's games normally leak as if they were made of liquid and considering the not-so-great reception of the announcement and subsequent promotional material, one would hazard a guess not many would be interested in leaking crucial points anyway.

If you are interested in seeing more of the gameplay, however, you don't need to go prodding people to break their NDA or spy through potentially curtainless windows as IGN released their exclusive footage. Since this is public and everything, Ubisoft was probably fine with revealing it so enjoy the 6-minute-long showcase.

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