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The Settlers is coming in 2020 to Uplay and Epic Games Store

Published: 16:08, 20 August 2019
The Settlers

The Settlers reboot is officially releasing in 2020 on Uplay and Epic Games Store it's been officially announced by the publisher Ubisoft. The Settlers will combine a fresh take on some familiar mechanics with several brand new features.

Not a lot has been said about Ubisoft's reboot of the iconic real team strategy The Settlers ever since Ubisoft's Dusseldorf team last year revealed their intentions to revive the series. However, the publisher decided to share more details about the game on Gamescom 2019, which officially kicked off today.

In the official reveal trailer, Ubisoft confirmed that The Settlers will arrive sometime in 2020 on Uplay and Epic Games Store. The game will also be available through Ubisoft's games subscription service Uplay+.

At the moment, The Settlers is only confirmed for the PC release and there is no mention of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions. Of course, this doesn't mean that Ubisoft don't have any plans to release the strategy on consoles, it's just that PC is the primary platform for now and other versions could arrive after the official release on PC.

As earlier revealed, The Settlers will run on Snowdrop engine, which powers Tom Clancy's The Division series and the upcoming Avatar game from Massive Entertainment.

Snowdrop Engine will allow developers to take advantage of the procedural map generation technology and also try to set a new visual benchmark in the strategy genre.

As for the gameplay, Ubisoft say that the game will combine a fresh take on the familiar gameplay mechanics of the series with some new features like "a new food system and a motivational meta-game".

Furthermore, players will get three different modes in both PvP and PvE - Campaign, Multiplayer and Skirmish. Ubisoft confirmed that The Settlers will feature three strategies for victory - Combat, Glory and Faith.

As the name suggests the combat strategy means that you have to defeat all enemy armies and glory strategy lets players win with their hero characters in battles. unfortunately, Ubisoft did not talk about Faith victory at Gamescom.

Ubisoft The Settlers
The Settlers

You can watch the official Gamescom trailer above.

The Settlers is Ubisoft's iconic real-time strategy

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The Settlers

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