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Anno 1800 Season 4 to launch in 2022, Eden Burning mode coming soon

Published: 08:13, 07 December 2021
Anno 1800 - Eden Burning mode
Anno 1800 - Eden Burning mode

Anno 1800 players are getting a new game mode with Update 13. Eden Burning will have the players build a hydroelectric dam on the island of La Xultuna as quickly as possible.

Anno 1800's Season Four and its three new DLCs are on their way, set to arrive in 2022, and we'll get some free content to tide us over until then. Players can look forward to a new mode, coming on December 14, 2021. The free mode, Eden Burning, will task the players with cleaning up after the polluting invaders and building a sustainable source of energy, all while doing minimal damage to the ecosystem of a remote island.

Eden Burning was created for the 2021 Green Game Jam and introduces  Scenarios, self-contained game sessions with their own victory conditions which, in this particular case, are building a hydroelectric dam on the island of La Xultuna as quickly as possible, while taking care of your own pollution output to keep the local ecosystem healthy. The devs took a roguelike approach while making Eden Burning which means you are encouraged to explore, take risks, and fail sometimes, just to see the different effects of your actions. 

More Scenarios for Eden Burning will arrive along with Season Four, and at least one new Scenario will be released with each new DLC.

Plant A Tree DLC

December 14 will also see the launch of the Plant A Tree DLC. Going for $2.99 USD, the DLC will add an ornamental tree to the players' cities and the powers that be will send a minimum of  $1 USD from each purchase to Ecologi, an environmental organization that funds reforestation and other carbon-reduction projects. 

Plant A Tree DLC will be available for purchase until March 31, 2022, and come back later in the year, this time as a free item.

Eden Burning release date

Eden Burning will launch with Game Update 13 on December 14. The update will also bring two free ship skins to Anno 1800, one for the Battlecruiser and one for the Ship of the Line, in celebration of the game's 2 million players.

Anno 1404 History Edition is now available for free on PC until December 14 as part of Ubisoft's 35th-anniversary celebration.

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