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Total War: Elysium trading card game enters closed beta

Published: 17:32, 06 May 2020
Updated: 17:42, 06 May 2020
Creative Assembly
Total War: Elysium card artwork
Total War: Elysium card artwork

Creative Assembly have announced a new Total War game called Total War: Elysium, but it's not a real-time strategy this time - it's a trading card game.

Which, of course, doesn't mean that Total: War Elysium won't put your strategic genius to the test. Quite the contrary, in fact, and the dev claims battle line mechanics and mid-game deck editing make the trading card game feel like a battlefield.

"Total War: Elysium is the new free-to-play strategy card game from the award-winning developers of Total War, bringing Generals from across history to go head to head in epic strategic showdowns", the description reads. 

Total War: Elysium comes with Daybreak mechanics, which allow you to bring in reserves mid-game, which can be deadly with a bit of planning. Additionally, some cards are limited by the time of day, which is also a factor.

Creative Assembly still stuck to Total War's niche of historical battles, and players will get to lead some of the history's greats. 

From warlike Napoleon to cunning Marie Antoinette - it shouldn't take long for players to pick their Total War: Elysium poison. Many of the leaders have already been featured in the franchise, which should make the selection process easy. 

The dev promised that cards can be earned through levelling up rewards as well as in-game purchases. All Battle Packs will clearly show the rarity of cards you're getting, and crafting is there as well.

Creative Assembly Total War: Elysium ranged cards Total War: Elysium ranged cards

Creative Assembly are planning on a simultaneous Total War: Elysium launch for PC, Android and iOS, but it's only available on Android devices until the initial bugs have been squashed. 

You can learn more on the official website

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