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Hearthstone update to bring hefty Battlegrounds balance pass

Published: 10:19, 14 October 2020
Blizzard's logo over Hearthstone's artwork for the Witchwood expansion

Blizzard have announced a new Hearthstone update that brings a bunch of Battlegrounds changes that are likely to shake the experience up significantly.

Hearthstone's new update lands on October 15, 2020, and will update the game to 18.4.2 version. As we said, it's a significant Battlegrounds balancing pass, starting with the removal of Bartendotron from the Hero Pool. 

Ragnaros the Firelord's Die, Insects! now grants Sulfuras after you kill 25 minions, instead of 20. Sulfuras' boost to leftmost and rightmost minions is +3/+3 instead of +4/+4.

Next up is Maiev Shadowsong, whose Imprison now makes the minion in Bob's Tavern Dormant, but returns it with only +1 attack after two turns. The previous bonus was +1/+1.

Chenvaala's Avalanche now reduces the cost of upgrading Bob's Tavern by 3 instead of 2 when you play 3 Elementals. Patchwerk's All Patched Up starts with 55 health, five more than in the earlier version. 

Sindragosa's Stay Frosty gives your Frozen minions +2/+1 instead of +1/+1, while King Mukla's Bananarama now has a chance to give you a Big Banana for a +2/+2 minion bonus. 

As for Hearthstone's minion updates for Battlegrounds, Whirlwind Tempest and Pogo-Hopper have been removed from the minion pool. 

In terms of Tier changes, Selfless and Deadly Spore have both climbed a tier, and are now Tier 2 and Tier 5 cards.

Blizzard Hearthstone - Masquerade Ball Hearthstone - Masquerade Ball

Salty Looter is up from 3/3 to 4/4; Bloodsail Cannoneer is up from 4/2 to 4/3; Party Elemental got a boost from 2/2 to 3/2; Arcane Assistant is up from 3/2 to 3/3. Majordomo Executus now repeats giving your leftmost minion +1/+1 for each Elemental played this turn.

Lil' Rag is now Tier 6 with 6/6, while Gentle Djinni is Tier 5 with 4/5. 

You can find the full patch notes here .

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