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Titanfall has been removed from storefronts

Published: 21:20, 01 December 2021
Respawn Entertainment
Titanfall 2
Titanfall 2

Respawn just announced that the original Titanfall has been discontinued. The game will vanish from subscription services in March 2022.

After months of turmoil, hacks, and devs having to resolve issues on a federal holiday, Respawn just announced via its official Twitter account that they are suspending all new sales of the original Titanfall game starting today, December 1, 2021. Titanfall will also disappear from subscription services on March 1, 2021.

The Tweet that bore the news also informed the fans that the devs will, after all, keep the servers live and running for those who still wish to jump in and play a match or two. The servers will, of course, be available only to those who already own the game. 

Respawn's message elicited a slew of comments on Twitter, ranging from outrage about the part of the letter that has the studio saying Titanfall is core to its DNA, to those saying that a seven-year-old game should cede its servers to the newer titles and folks generally being your run-of-the-mill Twitter users.

Titanfall was released back in March 2014 and had pilots running around in mechs called Titans around the Frontier. The problems started in 2019 when players started reporting issues with matchmaking, on top of years of DDOS attacks. November 2020 brought review bombing to Titanfall's belated Steam page and the fourth of July 2021 saw hackers invade Respawn's other shooter - Apex Legends.

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