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Titanfall multiplayer still crippled, only two people working on it

Published: 22:46, 10 July 2021
Titanfall 2

Previous reports of Titanfall and Titanfall 2 woes were apparently just the intro as the story gets worse thanks to a different kind of success for Respawn Entertaintment.

Apex Legends was hacked last week in protest to the literally unplayable state of Titanfall and something similar happened this weekend as well. Apex players keep having issues over the weekends and while it's hard to know if there is a connection between the two weekends, some individuals' displeasure with the state of Titanfall and Titanfall 2 certainly suggest so.

The reason TF and TF2 multiplayer is unplayable are the hackers that simply boot players out of matches or crash it, meaning these products are faulty, to say the least. Sure, when you buy a Titanfall game, you get the campaign but multiplayer is still a part of the game and it's been inaccessible for years in the case of the first game and months in the case of the sequel.

So why is Respawn turning a blind eye to such a major issue? Well, it appears that saying Titanfall franchise has only skeleton crew these days is rather generous, since only one or two people are working on it overall. The info comes from the community coordinator Jason Garza , who also revealed that all the staff has been moved to work on Apex Legends.

That said, he noted Respawn will try not to reveal their cards too early so at least there is some hope of fixing the state of Titanfall. It's a tiny hope but hope nonetheless.

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