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Titan Quest is now available on consoles with updated graphics

Published: 20:29, 20 March 2018
Some Spartan dude about to fight a giant Hydra monster.
Titan Quest

PC gamers who love hack & slash lootfest games will remember Titan Quest, but console players will not, as they were unable to play it - until today. THQ Nordic have released the console version of the game with surprisingly good graphics.

If there were console players who were waiting to fire up the battle against countless monsters and titans in Ancient Greece on their 55 inch flat screens - the wait is now over, after almost 12 years. As of today, Titan Quest is available on PS4 and Xbox One.

THQ Nordic seem to have remastered the game for the consoles, with graphics being somewhat sharper than on the PC. UI has also been reworked in order to accommodate the console controllers better. On top of it, THQ Nordic are also working on a couch co-op mode for the game, allowing players to enjoy lootfests without a need for internet connection. There is no confirmed date for this feature's release but it will be done soon.

THQ Nordic Some Spartan dude murdering monsters at night. Titan Quest Console Edition

Titan Quest offers a great replay value with monsters and gear becoming stronger in each playthrough, very much like in Diablo series. The game's setting technically isn't fictional as its plot unfolds in Ancient Greece, but everything else is, on account of the game revolving around Greek mythology. That being said, Titan Quest Console Edition will include the game's DLC as well so those adventures are going to span across Egypt and Asia as well. 

The game's mechanic depth is also formidable, as there are 28 classes for player character to choose from. Multiplayer is available only as co-op, there is no PvP and it supports 2-6 players in a single session.

THQ Nordic Player farming some random monsters in Titan Quest Console Edition. Titan Quest Console Edition

Titan Quest for Nintendo Switch is also in development but there is no ETA on it either. The only statement from the company was ''when it's done''. Titan Quest Console Edition costs £24.99 or $29,99 if your in the US.

Happy Titan hunting!

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