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There will be at least 5 Map Modes in Victoria 3

Published: 07:29, 14 January 2022
Paradox Interactive
Victoria 3 - Fabrics heatmap
Victoria 3 - Fabrics heatmap

The Victoria 3 map is gorgeous and developers want to put more emphasis on it. Players will be able to glean a lot of information about the world from the maps alone, and via the various lenses provided.

All Events in the game have a location on the Map, and if you hover over a State name in any text, that State will be highlighted on the Map. This makes it easier to connect the names of things with their representation on the map, giving context to the text and the map.

However, one of the coolest contextual pieces of information Paradox are creating are Map Modes. Players will have Map Modes connected to most of the information panels, triggering when you open each panel which gives you the right contextual information at the right time.

Paradox Interactive Victoria 3 - Ledger map option Victoria 3 - Ledger map option

With the use of icons, numbers, and different heatmaps, developers enable you to see several layers of contextual information at the same time without things getting too cluttered and without you having to scroll through a big sheet of data. Albeit, all Map Modes also exist in list form, making it possible to sort the information that is shown on the map, not entirely unlike a visual Ledger.

Every action you can take on the map, you can take from the five Lenses, which are Production Lens, Political Lens, Diplomatic Lens, Military Lens, and Trade Lens, with each Lens coming with its own Map Mode! Basically, it is like viewing your country from a specific point of view.

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