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The Division Heartland battle royale player pool size confirmed by Ubisoft Store

Published: 08:46, 06 September 2022
Updated: 11:04, 06 September 2022
The Division Heartland
The Division Heartland

Regular leaks don't seem to be enough for Ubisoft so they leaked the store details for their upcoming battle royale in The Division universe.

Ubisoft has a tough time trying to surprise gamers since most of their upcoming games and content leak ahead of schedule. While these leaks are usually going through secretive individuals, this time around it was the company itself who provided the early info.

The Division Heartland store page went up ahead of schedule apparently and it has been taken down since. However, that brief period on the internet was enough to make the page's contents stick around.

There was a total of four screenshots but the compositions of the characters on the screen look more fit for marketing purposes than actual gameplay so keep that in mind if it looks better than you expected.

One of the most eye-catching details from the store page was the confirmation of the 45-player battle royale mode. The number is pretty low for a BR game but it looks like the devs are going for the Survival formula from the original game, rather than a generic battle royale.

Survival in The Division was pretty good actually and the main reason it never made it big is probably that the mode was locked behind a paywall for a looter shooter so those who were already invested in the game were looking for ways to grind the gear rather than an engaging battle royale lookalike.

Ubisoft The beauty of snow-covered New York was always a key selling point for the original The Division The beauty of snow-covered New York was always a key selling point for the original The Division

It remains to be seen if the small town in middle America setting will manage to capture some of the visual magic that New York in snowstorm gave us though.

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