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The Division Resurgence gets first gameplay, showcasing open-world and more

Published: 13:25, 14 July 2022
The Division Resurgence screenshot showing a man looking at the urban city area
The Division Resurgence surely looks like a mobile game

The Division Resurgence gameplay showcases familiar surroundings with a brand new storyline and characters. 

Ubisoft have revealed the first gameplay footage of their upcoming mobile game The Division Resurgence. In three-minute-long footage, the devs have showcased the familiar snowy New York environments, some combat and control scheme for the mobile devices among other things. 

The Division Resurgence, which is soon entering closed alpha , certainly looks like a proper mobile game since the visuals have been scaled down significantly compared to the PC version of the first game, which to this day, looks stunning.

Ubisoft The Division Resurgence UI is not the cleanest but that's somewhat expected from a mobile game The Division Resurgence UI is not the cleanest but that's somewhat expected from a mobile game

You'll also notice that the UI is a bit messy with all those buttons on top of the player character and the big damage numbers that pop out every time you hit the enemy. 

While we understand that there's not much room for manoeuvre when it comes to mobile games' UI design, we still hope that Ubisoft improve it by the time The Division Resurgence launches. 


As for the more important stuff like the actual gameplay, shooting mechanics and movement, it does look and feel like a Division game which is a big plus. Some animations seem stiff but there's still time to improve those. 

Everything else that is present in the big The Division games, like skills, specialisations and a bunch of different weapons is in the game. Basically, it's The Division experience on a smaller scope, which is exactly what it should be. 

The Division Resurgence is coming to mobile, both iOS and Android but we don't now exactly when since Ubisoft are yet to share such news. 

Since the alpha is coming soon, we expect the launch to follow several months after the first test but don't take our word for it that's just a guess and nothing more.

We expect to hear more details about The Division Resurgence at the Ubisoft Forward event this September. 

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