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The Division battle royale to have four game modes apparently

Published: 10:55, 08 June 2022
The Division: Heartland
The Division: Heartland

One of Ubisoft's battle royales will apparently have more than just one mode at launch, according to The Division: Heartland leak.

Battle royale games were getting stale even during the peak of the hype for the game mode as new titles just tried copying PUBG and Fortnite without adding exciting spins on their own. 

This was not the case with The Division, which already existed as a looter shooter and then added Survival, which was a pretty good new take on the genre but it came so late into the game's life span that there weren't enough people interested in it so the wait times were pretty huge. 

In any case, Survival could be done in PvE or PvP mode, with the first one meaning the only enemies you encounter would be AI. In the latter, however, you would neutral to other players, who you could work with or decide to shoot and loot each other.

A few years later, The Division: Heartland was made known to the wider public and now, close to the video game info blowout of the summer, there is a report on the four modes the game will feature.

Excursion and Storm are pretty much the two types of Survival from the original The Division. Excursion is PvE only and Storm is the PvPvE mode where we are pitted against other players as well.

Twitch Heartland doesn't have snow so visual clarity might not be as challenged here Heartland doesn't have snow so visual clarity might not be as challenged here


Nightfall adds several twists to the formula. It's a PvE mode where you can't just extract with a helicopter. Instead, you will need to find a designated extraction location at the edge of the map and you can't extract at night. If the sun goes down, you need to survive the AI enemies until dawn, when you can get out once again. The objectives also vary int this mode.

Hunt is the mode with the least info around and it looks like it will heavily focus on PvP, which probably means it will be the most similar to the regular Battle Royale games we are used to.

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