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The Division 2 - the hunt is on for Faye Lau in Season 4, End of Watch

Published: 18:44, 08 December 2020
The Division 2 - Faye Lau
The Division 2 - Faye Lau

End of Watch is now live in The Division 2. The first target of the manhunt is Viper. The first 7 days of the manhunt will see the players earn double XP.

End of Watch - The Division 2’s fourth season is now live and available for all Warlords of New York expansion owners. Complete the New York campaign and head back to D.C., where the new season will be waiting.

As we've detailed in our article on the new season , your shiny new prime target will be one Faye Lau, who now leads Black Tusk in Bardon Schaeffer’s stead along with her own cell of fellow Rogue SHD agents.

The Manhunt for Lau has already started and the first henchman you will have to take out to get to the turncoat agent is Viper. Your first target can be tracked down by completing various missions, control points, and bounties throughout the map. 

You will be able to earn double XP for the first 15 levels during first 7 days of the manhunt.

Season 4

  • Season 4 – End of Watch is packed with Leagues, Global Events, Manhunt Targets, and more. Each Tuesday will bring the beginning of a new event.

Ubisoft The Division 2 - End of Watch The Division 2 - End of Watch

  • Seasonal Levels – 100 levels are available to earn throughout the season. All prior progress and experience records have been expunged so you (and everyone else) starts at zero. Season XP can be earned from all activities and difficulties.
  • After reaching Season Level 100, every SHD Level increases will also yield a Field Proficiency Cache.
  • Season Pass - The optional Season Pass is available for 1000 Premium Credits ($10 or your regional equivalent) in the in-game store, granting additional cosmetics and opportunities for season gear as you progress. The Season Pass also adds a Daily Project for a hard difficulty Main Mission that grants extra XP.
  • Seasonal Manhunt Targets – A new target unlocks every 3 weeks, alongside a double XP event, providing an opportunity to progress fast for the first 15 levels gained that week. Take down all four Lieutenants: Viper, Kestrel, Magnus, and Circe, to unlock the Prime Target, Faye Lau. Upon finishing the Manhunt, you’ll earn the new unique Skill variant, the Achilles Pulse. 
  • Leagues – Four new Leagues will be featured in Season 4. Ranking up will earn you specific League rewards. Leagues will last 2 weeks and yield up to 10 rewards based on your performance. League challenge progress will be reset halfway through. The leaderboards will remember you, however.
  • Global Events – These are one-week time-limited in-game events that can be toggled on and off and alter normal gameplay through a variety of modifiers. These modifiers will require a different approach to activities and offer a different way to experience The Division 2. This Season features the new Global Event, Golden Bullet, as well as SHD Exposed, Reanimated, and Hollywood from previous seasons. Each event yields up to 10 rewards based on your performance, as well as a unique currency that can be used at the new Global Event shop to get additional cache rewards.
  • Apparel Event – End of Watch features two Apparel Events, Outguard, beginning on December 22 – and Codename: Nightmare, beginning on February 2. These events will last multiple weeks and introduce unique new cosmetics and fashions to the game’s apparel collection. 

Ubisoft The Division 2 - End of Watch Season 4 Gear The Division 2 - End of Watch Season 4 Gear

Rewards – With Season 4 you will be able to earn new rewards when progressing through the Season Levels. The following items will become available to earn during Season 4:

  • Achilles Pulse Skill Variant
  • Rigger Gear Set
  • Scorpio Exotic Shotgun
  • Waveform Exotic Holster
  • Empress International Brand Set
  • Scalpel Named Marksman Rifle
  • Test Subject Named SMG
  • Caesar's Guard Named Chest Piece
  • Battery Pack Named Backpack
  • Rigger Outfit (Available in Season 4 Pass)
  • And more…

Note: Apart from the unique skill variant, all gear listed above is currently available in-game. Some level-tied seasonal Rewards like the Scorpio and Waveform Exotics enter the larger Exotic loot pool after being initially unlocked by Season progression.

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