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The Crew 2 gets its release date in an announcement trailer

Published: 20:54, 16 March 2018
Promotional picture for The Crew 2 showing a red Chevrolet Camaro SS, a dirtbike, a boat and a plane.
The Crew 2 - Hey I transformed my plane into a bike. Is it now a Bike-former?

Ubisoft seem to be taking their time with The Crew 2, since players have been waiting for a long while to get a release date. The company's answer to NFS has a fresh trailer, and the release date is 29 June 2018.

Ubisoft have announced that The Crew 2 will be finally coming in June, after its original 16 March 2018 release was postponed. The game is currently in a closed alpha test that will run from 13 to 19 March 2018. Before the official launch, the game will have another beta test but it's not yet disclosed whether it will be a closed or open beta.

The Crew 2's delay happened due to developers realising they needed more time in order to make the game fulfil both the fans' and Ubisoft's expectations. They are likely expecting to solve most of the more glaring issues with the help of beta event participants.

Ubisoft The Crew 2 screenshot showing the game's wonderful graphics before they get downgraded. The Crew 2 - Hey I transformed my plane into a bike. Is it now a Bike-former?

The way it looks now, the next beta will be a closed one as the official offers players ''a chance to play before anyone else during the upcoming beta events''. Since this is just a chance, the possibility of a more open beta is close sitting on the very edge of the proverbial table.

Of course, this wouldn't be a Ubisoft game if it didn't have any edition shenanigans. The game will have standard, deluxe, gold and motor editions. The standard edition is just an entry fee but fully priced as a AAA game, deluxe will give you a few additional vehicles, while gold and motor editions will include a season pass. The motor edition is the most expensive one, at a whopping £79 or $109,99 USD.

The priciest edition is your standard collector fare, and it will include a literal license plate customised like it would be in the game, a fold out map of the game and four stickers. Additional vehicles that are included in all editions except the standard one are a Ford Raptor race truck 2017, an Abarth 500 2008 monster truck and a Pilatus PC-21 plane.

Ubisoft The Crew 2 screenshot of a green plane flying over a city. The Crew 2 - Hey I transformed my plane into a bike. Is it now a Bike-former?

The Crew 2 will have a similar structure as the original game, featuring races all across the USA in an open world. Unlike the first game, The Crew 2 will also have powerboats and aeroplanes.

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