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Ubisoft's The Crew 2 is having a free weekend

Published: 17:29, 03 December 2019
Updated: 17:56, 03 December 2019
The Crew 2 free weekend
The Crew 2 free weekend

Ubisoft's The Crew 2 will soon host a free weekend. The players will be able to access the full game during the four-day event. The Crew 2 is also on a hefty discount at the PlayStation Store.

Ubisoft's take on the streets of the US, The Crew 2, will be free to play from 5 until 9 December. Those who choose to take advantage of the four-day-long event will be welcome to use the game's cars, planes, and watercraft. You're also invited to explore The Crew 2 in its entirety.

The free weekend will bring a 70 per cent discount on the game's Deluxe Edition at PlayStation Store. The discount is available now and will hang around until 12 December. 

The Crew 2 recently received its Blazing Shots update that added new rides, extra vanity items (including the all-new underglow effects), new weekly LIVE Summits and the special nine-event PvE challenges that give the players a chance to put their name on a leaderboard.

Blazing Shots is the fourth free-of-charge update made to the game. Its predecessor - Gator Rush - introduced hovercrafts; Demolition Derby (which added its namesake event and destructible cars) and Hot Shots (introduction of the LIVE Summits inspired by Ghost Recon).

The Crew 2 is available at the PlayStation Store at its regular price of £49.99. is at a discount and will set you back £14.99.

As for the choice of vehicles, Julien Hummer, the Player Experience Director said that "During the whole (selection) process, we make sure that the selected vehicles produced are interesting models or brands for our players, add variety to the game, and are fun to play with."

Ubisoft The Crew 2 The Crew 2

On the topic of the in-game events and the planning that goes into them, the aforementioned player experience director stated: "When we prepared the third batch of LIVE Summits, we wanted to improve the weekly engagement with our players. Our objective was to coordinate with all internal teams to make sure the content is consistent from a player perspective, and we always take time to package everything with this objective in mind. We start with a theme: Water, Mountains, Dirt, etc., and then we try to make everything consistent with that: events, colours, vanities, rewards and more."

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