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The Crew 2 gets a free weekend

Published: 00:43, 10 April 2020
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The Crew 2 - Hey I transformed my plane into a bike. Is it now a Bike-former?

Ubisoft are still trying to revitalise The Crew 2's player base and are launching another free weekend in hopes of attracting more players.

The Crew 2 will be free to play for everyone from 9 to 13 April 2020, or in other words - from Thursday to Monday, which makes it a somewhat extended weekend but that's what the free weekends' standard duration seems to be these days.

However, not everyone will get the chance to give the various vehicles a whirl since Xbox One users are not invited. Ubisoft didn't state why the things are this way in the announcement but them's the breaks.

PC and PlayStation 4 players can go to the free weekend website and choose their platform, upon which they will be prompted to launch uPlay with their account and eventually download The Crew 2.

Those who give it a shot will have access to the full base game, including the new Inner Drive update that brought about 20 new vehicles as well as the PvE competitions and Summit events.

As per usual, the free weekend will be accompanied by a 50 per cent discount on the season pass and 75 per cent off on the Deluxe versions. On top of that, the Ford GT 2005 will be available for one Crew Credit to all the players from 8 to 15 April 2020.

The Crew 2 - a big open-world racing game by Ubisoft

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
The Crew 2 - Hey I transformed my plane into a bike. Is it now a Bike-former?

Not to look a gift horse (it's not a Mustang!) in the mouth, it still probably sucks for the people who paid the full price for the car though.

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