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Terraria cancelled on Google Stadia after dev gets locked out

Published: 10:33, 08 February 2021
Side view in Re-Logic's cancelled game Terrraria Otherworld
Terraria: Otherworld

One of the most beloved games in recent history was on its way to Google Stadia but after the corporation messed up and enraged the developer, the partnership seems to be called off.

Terraria launched almost a decade ago on Steam and has been ported on pretty much any platform you can think of since that time. One of the main reasons for the flurry of ports is that the game stuck with the players and people kept buying it, probably because it's just that good. You don't get 98 per cent positive reviews on Steam by releasing bad games, after all.

Stadia is one of the newest platforms around and Re-Logic were in the process of porting the popular game to Google's platform as well but now that may not end up being the case. 

The decision was made by Andrew Spinks, the game's designer, after he got locked out of his Google account. That said, the dev didn't just decide to burn the bridge at the first sign of trouble. He had been locked out of the account for almost a month now, with the customer support apparently not providing any useful information or help and just kept "giving [him] the runaround".

Among the things that were tied to Spinks' account are "thousands of dollars of apps on Google Play", all hte Google Drive data, access to YouTube channel and access to the Gmail address he had for over 15 years.

All of this caused Spinks to eventually burst out and cut ties with Google, stating that doing business with them is a liability.

Considering that the only answer at the time of writing was a message from Team YouTube that very much looks automated, it is really hard to doubt Spinks' claims about poor support.

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