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Black Desert Halloween 2020 brings a new Dark Rift boss

Published: 07:49, 14 October 2020
Pearl Abyss
Black Desert - Halloween event 2020
Black Desert - Halloween event 2020

Black Desert's Halloween event will feature some spooky decorations, special music, a new Dark Rift boss and renewed log-in rewards. Keep an eye out for the Autumn Leaves.

Black Desert is about to play host to a series of autumn-themed events, Pearl Abyss announced. Everyone eager to celebrate to crispy air and cosy sweaters will have a chance to do so in Black Desert via its very own Halloween festivities, a new Dark Rift boss and renewed log-in rewards.

Halloween festivities

Adventurers can join in the Halloween revelries in the world of Black Desert starting this week. Major cities will be appropriately decorated with Halloween-themed ornaments, and special music fit for the spooky atmosphere will also be played. 

In addition to the decorations and ambient music, Autumn Leaves can be collected while gathering and hunting. The Leaves can later be exchanged for 50,000 silver.

The chilling season also brings a new Dark Rift boss. The 2020 Halloween will see Hexe Marie entering the battlefield as a Dark Rift boss.

You can battle the deadliest witch in the Black Desert SEA realm as soon as you see a Dark Rift open up. However, you'd do well to be extra careful since this will be a solo adventure. Those who succeed in defeating Hexe Marie can earn Remnants of the Rift, which can then be used to enter the elusive Blackstar quest.

Log-in rewards

Last but not least, your log-in rewards will be renewed. Adventurers can get valuable items like Perfume of Valor, Cron Stones, Advice of Valks, Tears of Elion, and Memory Fragments by simply logging into the game.

More information about Black Desert SEA is available on the official website .

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