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Tencent and Freejam partnership is bringing Robocraft to China

Published: 18:07, 30 April 2018
Robocraft title image showing many different robots that were crafted.

Freejam Inc. and Tencent have reached an agreement where Tencent will get exclusive rights to publish and distribute Robocraft in China. The Chinese version of Robocraft will be named "罗博造造" and will be available on WeGame platform only.

Robocraft is a multiplayer game where players build robots and then proceed to dismantle them in battle with other robots, built and controlled by other players. Players are offered many customisation and building options and their created machines can range from smaller vehicle robots over flying warships to bipedal robots that resemble dinosaurs.

It also has a separate battle royale version, named Robocraft Royale, that is in the process of being overhauled at the moment. This version was pulled earlier due to controversy caused by the game's loot box system. Freejam are reworking the mode and it should be up and running soon, although no exact date has been specified.

Robocraft will be arriving to China with its base mode first, but it will have some alterations. It will feature optimised visuals, "exclusive gameplay mechanisms and progression" and some more improvements. Freejam and Tencent didn't state what these exclusive gameplay mechanisms and progression systems are yet. However, it was announced that dedicated game servers will be located in mainland China in order to reduce latency as much as possible.

Tencent are looking to broaden their portfolio in sandbox game market, according to Sage Huang, VP of Tencent Games. Robocraft turned out to be what they were looking for due to the mix of sandbox and shooting elements the game features.

Mark Simmons, CEO of Freejam, mentioned that Tencent are one of the "best partners any Western developer can hope to work with in getting their game into the Chinese market" in his statement regarding the partnership. He added that he is looking forward to broadening the player base, as the game has already been played by over 13 million players but the Chinese market has great potential for increasing it further.

Freejam Games Robocraft Royale screenshots showing a silver T-rex robot in a dark hangar. Robocraft Royale

Robocraft in its Chinese version will be available in a "No Reset Closed Public Beta Test" that will start on 9 May 2018. Players who want to try the game out can find more info on the .

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