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Valve tweaking Counter-Strike: Global Offensive loot boxes in France

Published: 17:31, 01 October 2019
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Valve recently revealed that they'll be tweaking Counter-Strike: Global Offensive loot box mechanics in France. They will be introducing the X-ray scanner, or in other words, players will get to see items hidden in any container.

Coincidentally or not, Valve recently ran into trouble in France, over Steam's libraries and whether users actually own them, or they're just a subscription service. They're losing at the moment, at least according to the latest court ruling, but the fight is far from over yet. 

Anyway, CS GO players in France now get to see the items contained within, thanks to the X-ray scanner. Valve wrote the following:

  • The X-ray Scanner allows users to reveal the item inside any container.
  • Each user’s x-ray scanner comes preloaded with a one-time exclusive non-tradable item—the P250 | X-Ray.
  • Users in France must first claim this item to use the x-ray scanner again.

French CS GO players should know they need to place every container into the X-ray Scanner to reveal the item before they purchase the key. The Scanner will consume the container and show the insides to the player.

"To use the X-ray Scanner again, the revealed item must be claimed; it is not possible to scan another Container without claiming the revealed item", they wrote. Note that containers are no longer available for purchase via Steam Community Market but it can still be soled. 

As for the rest of Valve's French predicament, their legal battle with UFC-Que Choisir, which has nothing to do with fighting the way, started back in 2015. It was centred over game ownership and although GabeN and Co are on the losing side at the moment, they do plan to appeal the court's decision. 

Valve Counter-Strike: GO Counter-Strike: GO

The final decision is likely to have some serious repercussions in France and likely across the EU, so it's a pretty high profile case for Valve. 

You can find the company's announcement of X-Ray Scanners for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive .

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