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Tekken 7 introduces Fahkumram, a Muay Thai fighter

Published: 20:14, 19 March 2020
Bandai Namco
Tekken 7 - Fahkumram
Tekken 7 - Fahkumram

Fahkumram will be joining Tekken 7 roster soon as he gets released along with a new stage as a part of Season Pass 3. He is likely set to be a replacement for Bruce Irvin since the latter's age is getting a bit out of hand.

Tekken 7 is getting a new Muay Thai fighter and this time around he is from Thailand. Fahkumram's story bears a striking similarity to Bruce Irvin's which may be the developers' send off to the first fighter with this style. 

He became the champion by the time he was 18 years old and everything looked great until an ill-fated encounter with a match-fixing crew. Just like Bruce, Fahkumram refused to throw his match in exchange for money or even threats of physical harm. However, he knocked out his opponent in one punch as opposed to outright killing him.

The bookies were not happy and sent several assassins who would get killed by their would-be target. Fahkumram was arrested on the spot by corrupt policemen. Several years and threats to the family later, the former champion is now a weapon for the military forces.

Tekken 7 fans will get to enjoy  the new Muay Thai fighter on 24 March 2020, when he and a new stage will be released in DLC 14 & 15 or as parts of Season Pass 3.

In case you are wondering about his odd-sounding name, Fahkumram means "Roaring Sky" in Thai. The term is also used as a synonym for thunder, which is a reference to the character's story as he was hit by lightning at the age of 12.

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