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Tekken 7 doesn't have Snake, gets Leroy Smith and Zafina instead

Published: 13:40, 05 August 2019
Picture of Solid Snake on a black background, denied
Solid Snake

Tekken fans found themselves extremely surprised by an apparent teaser of Solid Snake joining Tekken 7 during EVO 2019. The organisers soon stated that wasn't the case but Bandai Namco announced two other fighters - Zafina and Leroy Smith.

Tekken 7 had a proper rollercoaster ride during EVO 2019 when the organisers apparently teased Solid Snake coming to the game through a with Harada himself. They later clarified, stating that this was a joke on their end that Bandai Namco had nothing to do with.

Needless to say, fans didn't find the joke amusing at all and the reactions to the were less than friendly. Fans fired back at EVO organisers rather than Bandai Namco though, recognising the company wasn't involved in the tasteless humour which testified that gamers really aren't as mindless and entitled as some people would have us believe these days.

In fact, reactions to actual news coming straight from Bandai Namco were rather positive, praising Zafina's return since her debut in Tekken 6 as well as the introduction of Wing Chun via Leroy Smith.

Fans are probably aware of Zafina's aesthetics and fighting style from the previous entry but Leroy is an entirely new character.

He is a man in late 50s or even in his 60s, although the actual age was never specified. Leroy used to live in New York as a boy until one day a gang war spilt out and claimed the lives of his family and his home. 

Following the tragedy, Leroy went missing but returned decades later as a "seasoned master of martial arts" and apparently lack of eyesight. That didn't stop him from mopping the floor with Law and Lei Wulong though.

Bandai Namco Picture of Negan with Lucille in Tekken 7 Tekken 7 - Negan

Smith appears to be a Wing Chun master, mirroring many moves popularised in modern media by Donnie Yen with his depiction of Ip Man. There is also an evident mix of Smith's heritage with his chosen way of life all over the character's appearance.

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