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Lidia Sobieska makes her way to Tekken 7 via DLC

Published: 10:31, 23 March 2021
Bandai Namco
Tekken 7 - Lidia Sobieska
Tekken 7 - Lidia Sobieska

Tekken 7 players should now be able to get Lidia Sobieska, a politician who appears to be more comfortable in a dojo than a public forum.

Lidia Sobieska is the Polish prime minister in the Tekken universe and she has a bone to pick with Heihachi, after the latter deployed the Tekken Force to her country. Considering both are practitioners of Karate, albeit of different schools, the duel should be one for the ages, just like the one with Jin.

Speaking of Lidia's karate style, it is the Shotokan karate that should be familiar to many practitioners all over the world. There are moves she uses that were faithfully recreated from their real-world counterparts and even the trailer, which you can see below, features a real kata - Kanku Dai.

Besides being a karate fighter, Lidia spends her days being one of the key people in Poland but according to her description, she feels much more comfortable in a dojo than in political disputes. Therefore, joining the latest tournament in order to get the Tekken Force out of Poland looks much more like the kind of approach she would take.

Her default clothing consists of the karate gi, the upper part of which she is wearing around the waist while one of the alternate costumes is the more formal one, for when the politics come calling. Luckily, the high heels aren't stopping her from executing techniques flawlessly.

Island Paradise stage makes a debut in the same downloadable content drop and they are both a part of Season Pass 4.

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