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Tekken 7's newest update balances out and fixes several moves

Published: 07:22, 19 August 2020
Bandai Namco
Tekken 7 - Fahkumram looking ready for some techno
Tekken 7 - Fahkumram looking ready for some techno

Several Tekken 7 characters saw their moves being adjusted due to either balance or glitches but Fahkumram took centre stage as he had the most changes. On top of that, there are some quality of life changes.

Tekken 7's update 3.33 has been released with added features to player matchmaking such as the ability to skip your turn in the Session Room. There is also the indicator showing that a stage was randomly selected on the VS screen by using the Random button.

As far as character changes go, a total of four of them received changes. Lei Wulong, Zafina and Katarina's attacks would sometimes miss due to hitbox issues so it was expanded for these specific moves to hit more consistently. These pertain to mostly low attacks, such as Lei's followup to Play Dead but none of them should have issues hitting enemies now.

Fahkumram's changes include some different alterations though. There are several situations where enemy low attacks would miss the giant Muay Thai fighter when they shouldn't so this has been patched up and his knee hitbox has been increased.

The same goes for opponents' mid attacks when Fahkumram would sidestep so the hurtbox on his arms has been increased downwards. Some of his attacks would also cause opponents to whiff and this set of changes dealt with that issue on top of decreasing the damage of some of his moves.

You can check out the full patch notes and the exact moves that were altered on all four characters on the official website.

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