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Taego map to bring two new guns to PUBG

Published: 11:17, 21 June 2021
PUBG - Mk 12
PUBG - Mk 12

Krafton revealed new features that are arriving with the upcoming map addition, Taego, including the two new weapons.

PUBG is enriching its arsenal, although reportedly only for the new map, Taego. The map is releasing on July 7 for PC and July 15 for consoles but the marketing is ramping up so more details are probably coming sooner than that.

Also, the latest trailer showcased a few features we will be able to try out, such as two new weapons and the gulag system. In the case of weapons, they appear to be Mark 12 special purpose rifle and a variation of IMI Galil. 

Mk 12 is almost certainly a DMR, especially obvious if you consider the bipod and scope type in the trailer, also shown on the image above. The Galil is an assault rifle, it only remains to be seen what this version will behave like and whether the barrel length will favour longer or shorter range than usual.

Meanwhile, the gulag system that was first seen in Warzone is not necessarily something the fans are looking forward to as there is a dose of skepticism on the forums about it. Then again, it may be unfair to knock it until we've tried it so it could be a good idea to wait for early July for Taego to drop and see how it all pans out.

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