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Stellaris' latest expansion replaces the plasma launcher with a pen

Published: 17:51, 27 February 2020
Paradox Interactive
Stellaris - Federations
Stellaris - Federations

Stellaris is getting a diplomacy-driven expansion. Titled Federations, the expansion will add onto the diplomacy capabilities and give the players a chance to build a gallactic community. Origins system will let the players choose how to start their story.

Paradox Interactive's strategy game Stellaris is getting a diplomacy-driven expansion. The expansion is titled Federations and its PC version will see the light of day on 17 March 2020. Federations will focus on the gallactic community and its internal politics. 

Federations is now available for pre-order* for a suggested retail price of £15.49 / $19.99 / €19.99.

Federation features

Expanded Federations - Stellaris players will have expanded diplomacy capabilities as well as the ability to build up the internal cohesion of their Federations and unlock powerful rewards for all members. Affiliation to differnt factions will yield diferent benefits. 

Players will be able to join:

  • Trade League
  • Martial Alliance
  • Hegemony

Galactic Community - You'll be given a chance to unite the space empires with a galactic senate that can vote on a myriad of resolutions to drive legislative agendas. You can channel our favourite Senator from the Star Wars franchise and position yourself as a leader of the senate, trading favors and maneuvering, doing whatever it takes to gain influence among schemers.

Origins - The Origins system will let the players choose an Origin that will flesh out their empire’s background and alter its starting conditions.

New Constructions - these include the Juggernaut, a massive mobile starbase that provides a movable repair base even in enemy territory and the Mega Shipyard, a new megastructure that can churn out fleets with incredible speed.

*AltChar doesn't condone pre-orders of any kind. If you choose to (pre)purchase Federations, you can do so through Paradox Plaza , Steam  and  GOG .

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