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State of Decay 2 Xbox page updated with the game's features

Published: 15:19, 07 March 2018
Undead Labs
Title screen for State of Decay 2, white letters on black background with an orange armed bird logoo.
State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 has received its Xbox page showing its highlights - crafting, RPG progression, multiplayer and such. Undead Labs are providing superficial insight into the game, but deeper info is coming soon™.

As this is a survival game, crafting is an essential part of it. Your base will be where all the magic happens, much like in the first game. The description on the game's page hints at very limited space where you can build so you will not be able to just pop up every possible building in it. ''Will you build a watch tower or plant a garden?'' sounds a lot like the same kind of compromise we had to make in the original State of Decay.

The embedded gallery shows different types of cells you can build inside your base, from a leisure room with leather armchair and TV to a highly specialised operating rooms and weapon workbenches. All of these were present in the first game except for the TV room so it will be interesting to see what kind of bonus it will offer.

Undead Labs Picture of the TV room that players will be able to build in State of Decay 2 State of Decay 2 - Anyone wants to watch the new episode of The Walking Dead?

One feature listed is that this is an open world game adventure, which should really go without saying since making it linear would be a step back from the previous entry in the series. Resource management will be an integral part once again, but I wonder if cars will actually consume fuel when driven this time around. 

Players will be able to develop their characters and each of them will have their own skill set, once again a feature from the original game. Zombie types are also the same, as shown in the trailer - you have Ferals, Bloaters and Juggernauts. There is a lot taken from the original title but it's not necessarily a bad thing, especially since it was a decent game itself.

Undead Labs Screenshot from State of Decay 2 showing a Juggernaut about to execute the player's character. State of Decay 2 - It was at this moment Jackson knew...

State of Decay 2 will be an Xbox Play Anywhere title so once you purchase it, you will be able to play it on both Xbox One and PC, which might come in handy if you want to play it in 4K. That option is restricted to PC only.

More info can be found on the Xbox

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