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State of Decay 2 price and release date have been announced

Published: 09:07, 07 March 2018
Undead Labs
State of Decay 2 promotional posters showing four zombies approaching from a sunset.
State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 is one of the more anticipated games this year and now it has both a release date and a price tag. It was confirmed that Undead Labs' flagship is getting released on 22 May 2018, and it will cost £21.

Surprisingly, the standard version of the game will not have a full AAA price. It will, however, have an Ultimate Edition that will stand at £36. The official reasoning behind the low price tags is that Microsoft's ''goal is to build a long-term relationship with the State of Decay community and to foster deeper experiences with the franchise''. All of this sounds good, but awfully close to ''too good to be true''.

Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg continued with the statement saying that the long-term relationship goal will be accomplished by State of Decay 2 being the ultimate zombie survival fantasy. The company is aiming to give more players the opportunity to join and experience the game by making the entry fee somewhat low.

Undead Labs Screenshot from State of Decay 2 showing one of the survivors shooting a zombie in the head. State of Decay 2 - Pop goes the head. Definitely looks like a satisfying zombie survival fantasy.

The low hanging price tag has been sowing fear among the State of Decay fans in recent weeks who have been asking why a AAA game is being sold at half price. One possibility is that the game will be available on Xbox One with Xbox Game Pass, so pretty much no one would buy it at full price when they can play through it with a single month subscription.

Another possibility are of course possible malpractices, loot boxes or long-term microtransactions that would more than make up for the low price tag. The Ultimate Edition will be closer to the full price and it will offer early access, beginning on 18 May 2018 and two DLC packs - Independence Pack and Daybreak Pack. 

Undead Labs Screenshot from State of Decay 2 showing a Juggernaut zombie running at the player's character. State of Decay 2 - I'm the Juggernaut b%$#

Judging by the names of those DLC packs, they don't seem to be anything essential. They will probably be different outfits and a few items for a quick start, but it still remains to be seen.

State of Decay 2 will be available for Xbox One and PC only.

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