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State of Decay 2 reaches 3 million players with first DLC in tow

Published: 12:14, 29 June 2018
Undead Labs
Promotional poster for State of Decay 2 Independence Pack
State of Decay 2

Undead Labs have rolled out another content update which includes the Independence Pack DLC commemorating the 3 million player mark. The update adds twenty missions along with new weapons and bug fixes and quality of life improvements.

Unded Labs have furnished State of Decay 2 with a free new content update. The free part of the update is accompanied by the Independence Pack DLC commemorating 3 million players and the upcoming US holiday. The DLC contains patriotism themed weapons, vehicles and fireworks. Along with these that, players will have the chance to encounter a Revolutionary War dressed zombie.

The Independence Pack brings new melee weapons called, the Freedom Ringer, Grillmeister and BBQ Fork, while long ranged weapons featured include a Pyro and Starshank Launcher. Three American styled vehicles are also being added - the Pyrohawk, Burninator and Meatwagon.

Players will also have a chance to celebrate Independence Day with new single-use fireworks.

Other than the Independence Pack the free part of update brings content that includes twenty different missions, settings tweaks and bug fixes. These missions are broken up into 10 ambient missions encountered in the overworld, 7 enclave missions that expand stories about neighbouring groups and 3 community missions.

The update also included new Talon and Network weapons of which there are five, along with some of the old weapons being re-branded and updated visually.

On the more technical side of things, players will now be able to adjust the level of motion blur on screen. The update also included some minor bug fixes, new animations, weapon changes and quality of life improvements.

Undead Labs A player fighting a Revolutionary War zombie in State of Decay 2 State of Decay 2

Developers seem to be backing up their claims from May, where they promised regular updates, which isn't all that surprising since the release was barely over a month ago. The playerbase was around 1 million players across Xbox and PC immediately after launch. This number apparently doubled in the following two weeks, and continues to increase with the DLC's arrival.

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