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Starfield unlikely to release in 2021, says reliable industry insider

Published: 07:04, 06 May 2021
Astronaut looking at a space station, presumably from Starfield
Starfield's presumably leaked in-game shot

Bloomberg's Jason Schreier predicts that Bethesda's highly-anticipated sci-fi RPG Starfield probably won't release in 2021. When asked wether the game is hitting 2021, he simply replied "Nope."

Starfield is one of the most-anticipated games of 2021 and many players expect to hear a lot new details and see first gameplay at the upcoming E3 2021 expo, where Xbox and Bethesda are confirmed to have big shows.

However, there is nothing concrete regarding the game's release date. Several Xbox insiders have stated that the game is more than likely to launch in 2021. Apparently, it's currently in the bug-squashing and polishing phase and Microsoft really, really want to release the game this year.

Other industry insiders are not that confident that Starfield is launching in 2021. Bloomberg's Jason Schreier recently stated that it is unlikely the game is coming this year. In his recent Reddit AMA, someone asked whether "Starfield is likely for a 2021 release?" to which Schreier simply replied "Nope."

Bethesda starfield screenshot showing space and horizon Starfield

Since this seems like a guess or prediction, please don't take it as gospel or some insider information. Other insiders have confirmed to have information that the game is targeting 2021, so it's entirely possible that it launches this year, but at the same time, with the Covid-19 pandemic, it would not be too surprising if Starfield gets delayed to early 2022.

Starfield is currently in development. The platforms are yet to be confirmed but it's expected that the game launches on PC and Xbox via Game Pass. 

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