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Starfield could release later this year but COVID could mess things up

Published: 16:29, 17 March 2021
starfield screenshot showing space and horizon

According to GamesBeat's Jeff Grubb, there's a 90 per cent likelihood that Xbox exclusive Starfield launches in 2021 but with the COVID pandemic still around, it's possible that the release gets pushed to 2022.

The upcoming RPG Starfield could be Xbox's first exclusive from the newly acquired publisher Bethesda but we are yet to see the game in action and there is no info on a potential release date. Rumours suggest that the game could be revealed this year and a reliable source, GamesBeat's Jeff Grubb thinks the same, but there's a catch.

Grubb states that there's a 90 per cent chance that Starfield will finally be revealed at the upcoming E3 2021 expo with a release date set for later this year. However, with the COVID pandemic still around, it's possible that the game get's delayed, which would not be surprising to be honest.

"What I heard is that Bethesda is probably 90 per cent that they gonna have it [Starfield] at E3 or whatever they call E3, and what follows is usually the Fallout 4 battle plan - introduce it at E3 and launch it in November. I agree that you still have to factor in COVID," he said in the RDX podcast.

This certainly sounds like a legitimate plan since Bethesda already pulled it off with Fallout 4 like Jeff mentions but we still suggest you take everything with a grain of salt, until we actually see the game at E3 2021. 

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