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Stardew Valley is coming to Android and iOS in March 2019

Published: 23:41, 26 February 2019
Stardew Valley gameplay
Stardew Valley - The game is heavily inspired by the Harvest Moon series

Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone and Chucklefish have announced that the mobile version of Stardew Valley will be arriving on 14 March 2019. Unlike most mobile games, ConcernedApe's game will not be an in-app purchase money printing machine.

Stardew Valley will deviate from current mobile game market standards in two ways. First up, it will not be a free to play game as it will cost $7,99 / €8,99 which may put some mobile users off initially. The second way it deviates from the mobile market will likely put them back on track though, as it will not have in-app purchases.

This is huge for a mobile game, as it will offer players a way to enjoy a smash hit without shoving microtransaction offers in their face. Furthermore, regional pricing will vary on Google Play Store, so the above-mentioned prices may not be the same for you, depending on where you are located.

According to Chucklefish, mobile users will get to experience Stardew Valley in regular fashion as gameplay elements shouldn't be lacking on Android and iOS platforms. Farming, raising livestock, cave raiding and slime killing will be just parts of the entire experience.

Stardew Valley mobile version is developed by The Secret Police, who previously developed Dragon's Watch for mobile. They will be adding a few quality of life improvements that specifically relate to mobile users, such as saving the game even when closing the app, pinch zooming and virtual and invisible joystick options.

Android version of Stardew Valley will have extended localisation and will be available in Korean, Italian, French and Turkish at launch, aside from the previously existing languages. Console and iOS versions will get these additional languages in a future update.

AltChar Stardew Valley screenshot of player fishing in the winter with crate spawn Stardew Valley

Fans can already pre-register on Google Play Store and considering this isn't exactly PUBG or Fortnite, a wide range of devices should be able to run the game without much trouble. Sadly, there wasn't an available list of supported devices at the time of writing.

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