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Star Citizen's Anvil Carrack gets launch date and gorgeous trailer

Published: 21:57, 23 November 2019
Updated: 22:01, 23 November 2019
Cloud Imperium Games
Anvil Carrack spacecraft from Star Citizen
Star Citizen, Anvil Carrack

Cloud Imperium Games' CitizenCon 2019 has officially kicked off today and with it comes one of Star Citizen's hottest upcoming ships. More precisely, Anvil Carrack finally has a release date and a gorgeous trailer to go along with it.

We must admit - CIG really nailed the tone of the trailer and even captured the pretentious part you normally find in luxury car adverts. What we're trying to say is - great job.

To be fair though, Anvil Carrack is also one of the longest awaited ships, whose launch was due way back, but given the excitement over it, Star Citizen players surely won't mind a bit more. The ship arrives in February 2020.

"The Anvil Carrack has been the vanguard of every UEE exploration effort in recent years. Featuring reinforced fuel tanks for long-duration flight, a highly advanced jump drive array and a dedicated computer core room that allows it to put the maximum processing power into jump charting operations", says in the Anvil Carrack's description.

As its background story goes, the Carrack was once used as a military exclusive but Star Citizen players can use it as a pathfinder spacecraft now. The trailer shows plenty of what to expect - self-sufficient flight that lets you cover vast distances, comes with medical and repair facilities onboard, chart-making sensor suite to help you find your way and more. 

We'll soon be having some even better Star Citizen-related goodies for you straight from CitizenCon, but until then, feast your eyes on the trailer.

Cloud Imperium Games are planning for , although there aren't any limitations on the ships you can try out. From 24 November to 5 December, prospective Star Citizens will get to test drive different manufacturers on different days, with the last few days reserved for the community's top-voted crafts. 

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