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Star Citizen update brings more ship control and a landing zone

Published: 18:34, 09 August 2021
Cloud Imperium Games
Star Citizen, Esperia Talon
Star Citizen, Esperia Talon

Update 3.14 kicked off in Star Citizen Alpha and brought with it a few additions, with highlights being the new landing zone and more layers to ship combat and management.

Orison Landing Zone was added in the Stanton System in the latest Star Citizen update, allowing players to visit the HQ of Crusader Industries, one of the ship manufacturers. A few places to visit were mentioned in the update, with Voyager bar, new shops, facilities and garden as they appear to be the main attractions.

For those who prefer to spend their time inside a ship, there are the additions of missile operator mode and power management. The first refers to co-pilots now being able to use missiles due to the operator mode with a new UI that will allow firing various types of missiles, dumb firing options and multiple-missile-firing options.

The update also aims to make the missile behaviour more realistic and the changes will be most felt on ships that primarily have missile armaments, such as Freelancer MIS, Esperia Talon Shrike, Tumbril Cyclone MT and Anvil Ballista.

While co-pilots will be able to take control of shooting the missiles, pilots will gain the ability to mess with the ship's power management. They will be able to allocate it to three core systems - weapons, shields and engines. This will allow for more options in hairy situations as pilots will be able to make their ships become death-spitting armoured machines, more manoeuvrable or able to take a punch, depending on where the power gets allocated.


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