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Star Citizen is free to play right now as part of the Free Fly event

Published: 19:15, 15 February 2021
Star Citizen - Free to play
Star Citizen - Free to play

Roberts Space Industries have extended an invitation to everyone interested in Star Citizen to join the Free Fly event and sample the life in the vast universe for themselves.

Star Citizen is free to play right now. The interested parties are free to explore among the starts and beyond until February 25. The players will get to choose between six iconic ships, with each vessel giving you a taste of the distinct career paths and playstyles awaiting you in the ‘verse:

The swift and deadly Anvil Arrow will let the players go one on one with pirates and those interested in mining valuable ore can hack out the MISC Prospector.

Get a taste of the life of a space trucker in the MISC Freelancer or show off your style in a Mustang from Consolidated Outland.

Finally, ride on the wild side in an open-canopy Drake Dragonfly, or seek exploits across the system in a trusty RSI Aurora.

No point racking your brain with a decision as all ships will be available to you even after you've made your initial choice. More information about the game, the cockpit and the great beyond can be found at the Welcome Hub .

Star Citizen 3.7 Alpha lands with new locations, ships and goodies

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM

If you happen to like what you see during Star Citizen's free days (from February 15 until February 25) you'll be able to purchase discounted Starter Packs until February 26.

How to download and play Star Citizen for free

The following code gives you access to Star Citizen Alpha 3.12 and all of the ships featured above. You can also experience the dogfighting action of Arena Commander and the FPS action of Star Marine for the duration of the Free Fly event.

The free fly code:


The steps to start the game:

  1. Enlist or sign in .
  2. Enter the 3.12 free fly code.
  3. Download the game.
  4. Enjoy.
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