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Star Citizen dev accuses Crytek of delaying inevitable legal conclusion

Published: 16:20, 20 January 2020
Cloud Imperium Games
Star Citizen 3.8, microTech icy planet
Star Citizen 3.8, microTech

It's been a while since Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) and Crytek got locked in a legal tussle over Star Citizen, its usage and subsequent abandoning of CryEngine, and the company now accused Crytek of delaying 'the inevitable reckoning'.

According to the latest court documents filed on 17 January 2020, CIG insist that the dismissal of the lawsuit is "long overdue and proper", but that dismissing it without prejudice and without conditions is not. 

"Crytek launched and maintained this attention-seeking action irresponsibly from the outset. In year three, the case docket is littered with the detritus of reckless Crytek allegations, subject to fee shifting, thrown out as a matter of law or dropped under pressure", they wrote. 

They went on saying that Crytek is merely delaying the inevitable, as CIG is certain that the lawsuit can only end in dismissal. 

Dismissing it without prejudice would mean that Crytek can choose to sue CIG again, and it's widely thought that the former is waiting for Squadron 42 to be released. This would complicate matters for Star Citizen's developer, as the initial agreement for CryEngine involved a single game, rather than two. 

CIG were quite poetic in their description of Crytek's intentions, writing, "Crytek should not be allowed to aim its car at CIG’s storefront window, stomp the accelerator, smash through, do doughnuts for years, then back out and drive away to maybe circle around and crash CIG again another day.  Crytek richly deserves having its keys taken away for all time, so that CIG can conduct responsible business without further interference from Crytek or its series of lawyers. "

Star Citizen's Ares spacecraft Star Citizen's god of war incarnate!

We're talking about a legal battle that started , so it's clearly far from a simple one. However, CIG's launching of Squadron 42 may very well depend on it, as it's widely believed that until the legal battle is officially closed and archived, Star Citizen's sibling won't see the light of day. Not to mention that Star Citizen's earlier motion to dismiss .

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