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Star Citizen crowdfunding might reach quarter billion USD in 2019

Published: 22:56, 07 November 2019
Cloud Imperium Games
Star Citizen's new ship RSI Mantis
Star Citizen, RSI Mantis

Star Citizen has passed $240 million in crowdfunding almost two months before the year ends. Based on crowdfunding behaviour so far, the title may or may not reach a quarter billion USD before 1 January 2020.

Games having massive budgets is not exactly news these days, with the likes of Call of Duty series, Destiny franchise, GTA V and more. The thresholds cross hundreds of millions of US dollars in funding but that money usually comes from publishers and investors, not from crowdfunding.

Star Citizen is the single game with the biggest crowdfunding pool to date, with a staggering $240 million under its belt that was accrued over the course of seven years since the initial announcement. The game is still not fully-fledged and many are calling it a scam with an endless development cycle but those faithful to Roberts Space Industries pledge money on a regular basis.

Considering the crowdfunding was $10 million short of the quarter-billion milestone at the time of writing, the big number may or may not be reached. It's an equal possibility.

Judging by the in the past few months, $10 million by the end of 2019 looks unlikely as even the sharp increase in funding for October couldn't reach $5 million. The month peaked at $3.9 million while September had roughly $2.3 million to its name.

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On the other hand, it highly depends whether the backers will get hyped up about the potential milestone and start spending more. Furthermore, the holiday season is still ahead of us, which also means more spending.

Whatever turns out to be the case, at the end of 2019 it will still be the highest crowdfunded game that doesn't have a fully-fledged product to show for it.

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