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Star Citizen dev advises Bioware and Anthem to 'keep swimming'

Published: 18:45, 22 April 2019
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Chris Roberts, head of Roberts Space Industries and creator of Star Citizen, has offered some advice to Bioware in their development of Anthem, and while it may sound awfully similar to Finding Nemo, it doesn't make it any less true.

Speaking to Newsweek, Roberts likened the situation to Hello Games and No Man's Sky, whose incredibly small team did unbelievable work, yet nobody seemed to care to even notice it.

At launch, the game got lambasted for the lack of promised features. "The problem was players' expectations were so far beyond that. They imagined all this extra stuff", he said.

Roberts says he tried Anthem and that the game has many qualities. "There's plenty of nice stuff in there, stuff that works, and then there's some stuff that doesn't work. It's like what we're doing on Star Citizen. It's just iteration. I hope EA and BioWare don't give up on it, that they get their heads down, roll out and improve things to make it work", he said, before adding, "keep on swimming".

Asked whether every live game can be saved like this, Roberts said that there are games that are completely broken, but Anthem is not one.

However, it's the studio's second game that feels rushed, and players are looking for someone to blame, starting with the easiest shot on the list - EA. "People are predisposed to hate on it because they feel EA messes everything up", he said.

Roberts argued that his perception of Anthem was of a much deeper and more dynamic game back when it was pitched, but this is something that plagued Destiny as well, which is not doing half bad these days. No Man's Sky lived so BioWare can too.

Roberts also mentioned that many games underestimate just how messy game development business can be - a fundamental misunderstanding that leads to many other disagreements and issues.

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"A lot of gamers don't understand quite how difficult it is to deliver everything working flawlessly. The expectations keep ramping up, and in some ways those expectations may be higher than people are humanly possible of always delivering", he said.

You can find the full interview .

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