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Speedrunner behind Octane inspiration breaks Titanfall 2 gauntlet record again

Published: 16:57, 08 May 2021
Octane strikes a pose in Apex Legends.
Rock on you delightful maniac. Rock on.

Octane may be Apex Legends' fastest character but the Titanfall 2 player that inspired his creation has beaten another speedrunning world record, taking the throne again.

Those not following Apex Legends lore may have missed the references to Cash Mayo, the Titanfall 2 speedrunner that was the inspiration behind Octane and his obsession with speed.

When the character was revealed in March 2019, the trailer contained an annotation 12 seconds in. Clicking on it would send the viewers to Cash Mayo's speed run of the Pilot's Gauntlet, which was both the tutorial and mechanics practice at the very beginning of Titanfall 2. 

The reason the annotation was placed on that moment is that Cash Mayo set the record by running through the Gauntlet in exactly 12 seconds, which the player later beat with the time of 11.7 seconds. One of the key mechanics here was using frag grenades to propel Cooper, the protagonist, which allowed beating Gauntlet at blazing speeds.

Back to Octane's lore, his legs were injured when he tried running the Gauntlet and used a frag grenade to propel himself, adding another obvious reference to Cash Mayo.

Cash Mayo's record was later beaten but the speedrunner never gave up. On May 2, 2021, the player once again broke the world record, with an astounding time of 11.1 seconds .

This feat did not escape Respawn's attention, who once again acknowledged the player's immense skills and once again referenced the way Octane blew up his legs.

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