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Sony's new controller for players with disabilities is officially revealed

Published: 12:58, 18 May 2023
Sony's new controller for persons with disabilities will be named Access
Sony's new controller for persons with disabilities will be named Access

The new controller for the PlayStation 5, designed to be accessible to players with various disabilities, will be called Access and will be used together with the DualSense controller.

At the beginning of 2023, Sony introduced its first controller for gamers with disabilities. Then the device was unveiled under the working name Project Leonardo, and now Sony has revealed that the new PlayStation 5 controller, designed for those with special needs, will be named Access in a video posted on the official YouTube PlayStation channel.

What has been revealed to us so far is that we will be able to use Access on any flat surface, that it will be able to be mounted on a special bracket that can be purchased additionally, or on any tripod.

Additionally, Access will be used in conjunction with the DualSense controller, and every option will be remappable in accordance with the user's disabilities. The button layout, for instance, might be altered to correspond to the side of a player who is missing an arm.

Sony highlights that they will make an effort to adjust Access for users with various disabilities. As a result, players will be able to, for example, toggle the movement button in games that demand constant movement, like racing games, by selecting the option in the settings to permanently turn on some button in accordance with the toggle concept.

The release date and price of Sony's new controller for people with disabilities have yet to be determined. In any case, even if we disregard Sony's financial gain from this project, it is a remarkable endeavor to see a company caring for people with impairments.


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